In April 1960, a membership vote of 20 to 3 approved the installation of an International trench and equipment. Repairs were necessary in 1963 and metal front doors were installed in 1966. In 1967, a motion to install a second layout was defeated.

Hand (lever) cocking German made equipment was originally installed and proved satisfactory. A few years ago, modern pneumatic cocking Rossini (Italian) equipment with voice releases was purchased and is eminently satisfactory.

The 1960 installation was Canada’s first International trapshooting trench and paved the way for the comparatively few more that exist today. The physical location of the layout leaves something to be desired as it interferes with skeet shooting and it would be better if designed level with the surrounding landscape. Its eventual relocation is planned.

The technique employed at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal would permit the installation of another layout or two, should a major International tournament be held in this area. The funding would necessarily have to come from an outside source but it would be minor when compared with starting from scratch.

The Hamilton Gun Club is proud of its initiative in 1960 and Canada has developed a number of top International performers at the World level since that time. It is ironic that good performances at the Olympic Games has escaped Canadian shooters although they are shooting against the same competition as in World events. In 1908, Canadians won two gold and silver medals, and the gold medal in 1952 – before an International layout existed in this country. Canada’s greatest lady shooter has won the Ladies’ World Championship for six consecutive years and has often won events at this club.