Although no indisputable records are available, the club files contain references about the club owing i tll origins to the “Wildfowlers’ Club”, which was also known as the “Wild Mallard Club”.

The club pin shows the date 1882, and it has long been accepted that the year was verified but not recorded in the records available today.
The August 1892 minutes of the HAMILTON GUN CLUB refer to the reading of the previous minutes. These minutes commence a new bound book, so an earlier book must have existed.
The September, 1892 minutes record an approved resolution stating “A member of the Hamilton Gun Club may not be a member of the Wildfowlers’ Club.” It can reasonably be assumed that previous differences occurred and the previous minute book remained in the hands of a dissident member.
Also, occupying a place of honor in the clubhouse is a photograph of HAMILTON GUN CLUB MEMBERS, dated July 1892, showing 18 members in attendance and it is conceivable that all members were not present for the picture, most of the names of these individuals appear on the back of the framed picture. The existing minute book shows the names of 16 persons as members in 1892. This lower number probably reflects the break-up.

The minutes of meetings from August 1892 are uninterrupted so conjecture ceases as of that time. The club was incorporated in 1905.

Visitors will note that the pictures in the clubhouse pay tribute, in general, to the club’s early history. Paying emotional tribute to current short term heroes is viewed as not in keeping with club traditions and current policy.

Since 1975, the club has added one name per year to its Honor Roll, which is recorded on an attractive board in the clubhouse.

Circa 1910. The first clubhouse on club owned land (built 1907)

Circa 1910. The first clubhouse on club owned land (built 1907)